Sims 3 Into the Future – Dig Rainbow Knoll

I’ve been playing Into the Future for a while now, and got the Utopia future world. I see the pretty colorful trees, huge flowers that you can harvest dew, but I heard there’s buried treasure somewhere. I started looking around but didn’t really know what to look for. Then, my Sim Dante got a wish to “Dig Rainbow Knoll” and I see a little picture of a dirt mound. It says something about buried treasure and dig up a suspiciously loose dirt mound. I still didn’t see anything around the town that looked like the picture in the wish, so I did some Google searching to see what it looks like. I found an article that briefly mentioned it and shows a picture of a rainbow leading toward a dirt mound. Finally I found one! Here’s some shots. It’s by a residential household in the mountain area. Hope it helps!

Rainbow Knoll location
Rainbow Knoll location
Rainbow Knoll close-up
Rainbow Knoll close-up

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2 thoughts on “Sims 3 Into the Future – Dig Rainbow Knoll”

  1. I founded it too. It actually makes sense because its a “rainbow” trout and its a little bit odd because i founded it in the middle of the wasteland and it said “great quality”. How can it be great quality if its in a wasteland with no water?

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