Spore Space – What do star and spice colors mean?

Certain colors of spice are more rare than others, but they mean different things to different empires and colonies (GamingSteve.com). I haven’t really figured this out yet, there seems to be a lot of different colors. The Spore Guide indicates that the star colors of different galaxies have a meaning: Blue stars have planets rich in spices; Yellow stars have planets with a good amount of spices, and Red stars have planets low on spice.

Now, what do the different ‘Wild’ icons mean when a planet is inhabited by wild animals?

Spore – Click on Gift Basket to Accept

In the Tribal level, your allies will periodically send you gift baskets of food. It says, ‘Click on the gift basket to accept’. But when I went to the food store, I could see no basket. Clicking on the message icon just takes you to the ally’s village. Well, the allies will probably take a few seconds to arrive at your food store, so the basket won’t appear right away. And as long as there’s a creature nearby that’s not busy, it will automatically accept the basket, so you don’t really have to do anything. I always make sure there’s at least one creature guarding the food from raiding wild animals, so it will also accept any incoming gift baskets too!

Can you send gift baskets to your allies? I’ve tried but was unsuccessful, the cursor doesn’t change to a green gift box. You really just need to give them to tribes who are less than neutral towards you.