Trouble getting 5 Top Level Businesses by Transferring

I just found something out today about the Own 5 Top Level Businesses want. The Sim must have owned the business as it became level 10!! Only then will it count towards the 5. You can’t transfer a business that is already level 10 from a different owner and have it count towards the 5. So I spent all that time building 5 top level businesses in my neighborhood and transfered them to Katrina. But only one of them she actually owned at the time it became level 10. I saw a post that said it actually counts the number of ‘Achieved a top-level business’ memory. So if your business goes back down to 9 and the back up to 10 four more times, you achieve the want. I did this in only a few minutes since her husband, Cleve, has the Sales–Manipulate power which always results in a lost star. Gaining the star back was pretty easy too.  I think this is a fair way to achieve the want, because I really think that transferring an existing business should have counted!

Do Home Businesses count towards “Own 5 Top-Level Businesses”

I did a quick search on whether home businesses count towards this lifetime want, and couldn’t find many answers. I found a pretty good discussion at about making successful businesses, and they believe home businesses count. Has anyone confirmed this? My only top-level (level 10) business so far has been a home business, but it doesn’t belong to a Sim who has the “Own 5 top-level businesses” lifetime want. But his fiancee who lives with him does have that want. I’m pretty sure home businesses can’t be transfered or sold to other Sims. I will try moving the him out and moving back in, and see if the home business transfers to his fiancee.