Complete Badge – Win 6 Fights in a Row

Ok, usually I don’t like playing with Evil sims or any sim who likes to pick fights. But one of the Sims Badge Achievements is “Winning Streak” – Win 6 fights in a row. So I went to a local bar and started picking a fight with some strangers. First I had to do a few actions from the Mean menu, then the Fight menu appeared and she could start a Brawl. She’s an evil Sim and has level 7 athletic, so she got a good moodlet about winning. I did this 6 or 7 times and did not get the badge achievement yet. I wonder if I’m missing anything? Does the fight have to be in a certain lot?

Update: I did it! Don’t do the ‘Brawl’ interaction at dive bars. You’ll need to get your relationship low enough with the ‘victim’ Sim by declaring them a nemesis or other interactions under the Fight menu. Then you’ll get a ‘Fight!’ interaction. The fights don’t last as long as the brawls do, which is nice! It wasn’t hard to complete the achievement badge. Now I can stop playing my evil family and do some good achievements! There are a couple other evil achievements, but I’ll work on those later!

How to Become a Plant Sim

I created my first Plant Sim today with one of the pre-made sims in Freetime, Julien Cooke. He has a mustache and goatee, but wears a green skirt and leotards I guess. See picture below.

To achieve plantsimism, I planted 13 fruit trees and sprayed them whenever they needed it. I began in the middle of the summer and he became a plant sim in the middle of autumn. It didn’t seem like he had sprayed that much, but as I understand, Sims become plant sims when they spray for bugs a certain number of times. He earned a bronze Gardening talent badge while tending the trees, and when he became a Plant Sim it must have jumped to a Gold badge! Now he can talk to the trees (which need it since most were sick). Since Julien’s hobby is cooking, I’ll have him cook with all the fruit that he’s grown! My Plant Sim posing with Thumbs Up