Fitness Activities for Children’s Enthusiasm

Since children can’t use any of the exercise machines, which activities can they do to increase enthusiasm in fitness? I know adults can “offer lessons to..” children using the punching bag (reward from Athletic career). I found that children swimming in a pool build up their body skill and fitness enthusiasm. Children can use the Ballet bar to build body skill, but it increases the music and dance enthusiasm rather than fitness. They can’t work out using the tv either. Are there any other fitness activities for children?

Invite as Houseguest: Sim doesn’t show up

I tried out the new ‘Invite as Houseguest (3 days)’ option I kept seeing since I installed Bon Voyage. I invited a child ‘Townie’ and he didn’t show up until 10 am the next day. I did some searching, and found that this option appears for the Sims you’ve met on vacation or maybe who live in a different neighborhood. Since they live far away, theoretically it wouldn’t be possible for those Sims to come over for just a short stay, so the option ‘Invite over’ is replaced with the 3-day House guest option. The child sim did not become controllable when he came over, but stayed for the whole day, even when my Sim went to class (this was on a University lot). At the end of the day though, an adult townie came and got him with the usual ‘way past bedtime’ message.

Public School Sim Children Have Snow Days

I was wondering about this the other day, and saw someone posted on the internet that their sim children had a snow day. Today it just happened to my teen Sim! He’s in public school, and I’m guessing that private school children (and teens) don’t get snow days, only public school children. The message is, “Snow Day! It has been snowing so much that the school will be closed today. Catch up on that homework and enjoy the day off.” The ground is completely covered in snow, and it’s still snowing. The message came at 7:00 am, the same time it usually announces that the school bus will arrive in an hour. He already did his homework, but I wonder if he can call some friends to come over. I’m not sure which of his friends go to public or private school though.

Do Adopted Children Count Towards “Marry Off 6 Children” Want?

Unfortunately, I do not think adopted children count towards the “Marry Off 6 Children” lifetime want. I get this Lifetime Want frequently, since I frequently choose the Family Aspiration. The first time I tried to complete it, my couple had 5 children and adopted one. All are married now, but the want was not fulfilled. I’m currently trying again and making sure none of the children are adopted. Has anyone else confirmed that adopted children do not count? It doesn’t seem very fair.

Tips for Getting into Private School

Getting into private school for children and teens in The Sims 2 is quite easy, given a little time and effort. First, start increasing the cooking skill for one family member, the higher the better — at least to level 6 or so. Second, the headmaster won’t even come unless the kids are getting good grades and your family has a good amount of money. Third, make sure at least 4 rooms have a high environment score. Invite the headmaster in the morning when you’re ready, and he’ll arrive around 5. Greet him when he arrives and give him the tour of the nice rooms. Have the good cook serve a big meal such as pork chops, salmon, or even lobster, if you’re confident of your skill. Remember to click on the headmaster and call him for dinner. If you got a good enough score on the tour and had a good meal, these two things alone will get your score high enough. I usually do these things as quickly as possible to avoid a bug where the headmaster gets stuck on the lot.

Tip: Wait until all children are of school age, so you’ll only have to invite the headmaster once. Any toddlers that become children after the others are already in private school will not automatically be enrolled.