How to Become a Plant Sim

I created my first Plant Sim today with one of the pre-made sims in Freetime, Julien Cooke. He has a mustache and goatee, but wears a green skirt and leotards I guess. See picture below.

To achieve plantsimism, I planted 13 fruit trees and sprayed them whenever they needed it. I began in the middle of the summer and he became a plant sim in the middle of autumn. It didn’t seem like he had sprayed that much, but as I understand, Sims become plant sims when they spray for bugs a certain number of times. He earned a bronze Gardening talent badge while tending the trees, and when he became a Plant Sim it must have jumped to a Gold badge! Now he can talk to the trees (which need it since most were sick). Since Julien’s hobby is cooking, I’ll have him cook with all the fruit that he’s grown! My Plant Sim posing with Thumbs Up

Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Not only is it fun to grow your own fruit and vegetables and use them to make healthy meals and juices, but each of the juices has a special effect! Here’s the list:

  • Apple Juice: 3 apples; faster homework
  • Beauty Cocktail: 2 oranges, 2 cucumbers; love potion
  • Eggplant Juice: 2 eggplants; random skill point
  • Lemonade: 6 lemons; cools Sims down
  • Orange Juice: 6 oranges; cures cold
  • Orangeade: 4 oranges, 2 lemons; random badge
  • Pepper Punch: 2 pepper, 1 pole bean, 1 apple; energy boost
  • Pureed Boot: 1 boot; sim acts nutty
  • Strawberry Juice: 3 strawberries; less furious
  • Strawberry Lemonade: 2 lemons, 2 strawberries; platinum mood
  • Tomato Juice: 6 tomatoes; warms Sims up
  • Vegetable Cocktail: 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 pepper, 1 pole bean; build skills faster


I would assume tasty and mouthwatering fruits and vegetables have a greater effect than bland ones. When you have produce in your inventory, click on the Juicer or Fridge to stock. You can also remove produce from each appliance.

Plants will not grow or appear

I built a greenhouse with several fertilized garden plots, and installed some sprinklers and tiny borders/divides to put lights in. The plants would do find in some plots, but in several the plants were not growing at all! The weeds would pop up, and hovering over would indicate they were healthy, but no leaves would show. After several days of waiting with nothing, I composted and tried again, but with no luck, until I removed the sprinklers, divides, and lights that were nearby and on the same square of land. I only found one forum topic on the subject, which just advised to check any hacks or custom content you may have installed. But since they started appearing after I removed the objects nearby, I don’t think custom content is the problem. And I don’t have any hacks (or cheats activated).

Butterflies in the way when building

When building houses, I like starting out with a flat lot. So the “Flatten Lot” tool is very useful. But if there are butterflies on the lot, that section of land will not flatten out. I think it was a 9×9 square that ended up lower than the rest of the lot. When I tried creating the main room of the house, it would not build over the uneven, sloped area. I tried using the ‘move_objects on’ cheat to move the butterflies out of the way, but couldn’t seem to grab them. What I did was just make a narrower house next to the butterflies and waited until they disappeared, then flattened the area where they were. Luckily I have a big enough house that I won’t have to add on to it. I believe another option is to make your Sim catch the butterflies before you start building. Either have your sim catch them before you flatten the lot, or make some stairs so they can reach them. On lots that are pretty uneven to begin with, it may be difficult for your Sim to reach the butterflies. Good luck!

Good vs. Evil Snowman and relocating snow objects

Today I just noticed my Sim had built an evil-looking snowman. It has small horns, fire on its hat, a pitchfork instead of a broom, and a mischievous expression on its face. See the pictures below of the good snowman versus the evil snowman. Is the bad snowman created randomly or under certain conditions? Also I tried relocating one of the snowmen but couldn’t. When you start to move objects, it goes into Buy mode and the snow disappears. I got a message: “Must be placed on snow-covered ground.” Is there a way to move a snowman?

Good SnowmanEvil Snowman

Public School Sim Children Have Snow Days

I was wondering about this the other day, and saw someone posted on the internet that their sim children had a snow day. Today it just happened to my teen Sim! He’s in public school, and I’m guessing that private school children (and teens) don’t get snow days, only public school children. The message is, “Snow Day! It has been snowing so much that the school will be closed today. Catch up on that homework and enjoy the day off.” The ground is completely covered in snow, and it’s still snowing. The message came at 7:00 am, the same time it usually announces that the school bus will arrive in an hour. He already did his homework, but I wonder if he can call some friends to come over. I’m not sure which of his friends go to public or private school though.

How to get the Wishing Well for Your Garden – Requirements

What are the requirements for receiving the wishing well? How big does your garden have to be, and what needs to be in it? I had my vegetable garden reviewed by the Garden Club today, and did well enough to receive the Wishing Well! The first few times I was reviewed, they liked the conditions of my plants but said to make the garden bigger. I didn’t know how big the garden had to be before I would get the Wishing Well. See the picture below to get an idea of how big my garden was. I also had 2 fruit trees, and the front of the house was lined with flowers and bushes, with an edging in front. I had several decorations, but only 2 were in the greenhouse with the garden. I tried the Wish for Friends option, and 3 Sims appeared. As soon as my Sim talked to them, they became best friends! My Sim had platinum status at the time of wishing. Does less than gold aspiration status make a difference?

My Winning Vegetable Garden

Information about the Wishing Well:
Options: Drink; Wish for… Friends, Romance, or Money
Can NOT be set for sale in a business
CAN be given as a gift to someone else

The Sims 2 Seasons — Initial Review

I just got The Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack yesterday. It is like playing a whole new game, because the landscape and atmosphere change with each season. The whole yard may be covered in snow in winter, or rain puddles in spring. I haven’t played during a Summer or Autumn season yet. I loved the gardening in Sims 1, so it is great to have it again in The Sims 2. They can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, pole beans, peppers, eggplants, Orange Trees, Lemon Trees, and Apple Trees. Only tomatoes and the trees are available until you work up your Gardening talent badge. It seems that once you get the gold badge and spend a lot of time gardening, your Sim may turn into a PlantSim, which is all green in color and only has needs of Sunlight, water, and love. Check out the Sims online forums for more information. Plantsims can spawn toddler plantsims, which is neat, but they are pretty boring because they just want to play with their toys or in puddles all day (they don’t eat or sleep!)