Trouble getting 5 Top Level Businesses by Transferring

I just found something out today about the Own 5 Top Level Businesses want. The Sim must have owned the business as it became level 10!! Only then will it count towards the 5. You can’t transfer a business that is already level 10 from a different owner and have it count towards the 5. So I spent all that time building 5 top level businesses in my neighborhood and transfered them to Katrina. But only one of them she actually owned at the time it became level 10. I saw a post that said it actually counts the number of ‘Achieved a top-level business’ memory. So if your business goes back down to 9 and the back up to 10 four more times, you achieve the want. I did this in only a few minutes since her husband, Cleve, has the Sales–Manipulate power which always results in a lost star. Gaining the star back was pretty easy too.  I think this is a fair way to achieve the want, because I really think that transferring an existing business should have counted!

Transfer Lot Ownership to another Sim

Today I’m finally trying to transfer a top-level business owned by a Servo to one of my sims (Katrina Loner) whose lifetime want is to own 5 top-level businesses. As soon as they became best friends I assumed it would be possible to click on the deed hanging on the wall and transfer it to Katrina. But the option wasn’t there. So I invited her to move in and then I  could transfer it. Next time I’ll try making sure the relationship is higher than 100/52. Because now I’ll have to move her husband out and back in again so that Katrina is the owner of their home business.


  • If you can’t find the deed to your business, use the Real Estate\Order deed option on the phone to order one for 15 simoleans. It will then appear in your inventory, and you can hang it on the wall.
  • You can’t order a deed or transfer ownership of a home business. You’ll have to have the owner move out to transfer it to another family member. Then the old owner can move back in.