Error Unable to connect to EA download manager from Sims Launcher

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Boy, I’ve just wasted some time trying to install updates for EA Download Manager, Sims 3 base game, and Sims 3 World Adventures! Not too long ago, perhaps after the last Sims update, the EA Download manager would start opening every time I open the Sims 3 Launcher. That is really annoying. I read that the EA Download Manager is required to be installed in order to receive updates, but does it have to open up a window each time? When I play the Sims 3, I don’t want any other windows or programs open in the background to affect performance!

Errors During Updates

I started getting an error message: Error Unable to connect to EA download manager . Then there was an update for the manager, which I thought would fix the errors. Nope. Then there was an update available for the Sims 3, seen in the Updates tab of the Sims 3 Launcher. So I started that one. At one point the installer closed, so I opened the Launcher up again. This time it said the Sims 3 Base game was not compatible with the expansion pack version and needed to update. So I started to worry that the wrong update was applied, or didn’t finish completely and I may have to re-install the whole game!

Re-installing the EA Download Manager

I really wanted to make sure I had the latest, non-corrupt version of the Download Manager, so I uninstalled my current version (both a EA Download Manager and EA Download Manager UI, how annoying). I did a search and found a link to download it here. Just click on the EA Download Manager button down at the middle of the page. This is a 20 MB file, which is different from the version in the EADM folder in the Sims installation directory. So that installed fine.

Actual Updates to the Sims 3

So, once the EA Download Manager is installed and running, I ran the Sims 3 updates again. This time it ran an update for the Sims 3 base game. You would think the update to the base game would happen first, so you wouldn’t get that ‘Sims 3 Base game incompatible’ message. But I think everything installed ok.

  • The Sims 3 World Adventures is now updated to version 2.4.7
  • The Sims 3 base game is now updated to version 1.9.22

Processes Running During Sims 3 Launcher

Now I’ve closed both programs, but I still see the EADM process in the Windows Task manager. There’s also an EA Core Server Application running. I ended the download manager task and opened Sims 3 Launcher with no errors. So I wonder if it will work now without opening a new window for the EADM. Perhaps the EA Core Server is handling part of it now?

Ancient Art of Smashing Boulders – Breaking Large Rocks

I’ve seen several large boulders while exploring tombs in Egypt and France, and my sim was unable to ‘clear’ or break through them like the piles of rubble. The message claimed that an ancient Chinese artifact or tool was required to break through them. So how do you obtain this ancient Chinese artifact?

Go to China and complete Adventures!

Of course the first thing you need to do is travel to China and start completing adventures! I’m not sure if they are random or go in order, but it took me quite a while until I found the one that claims to teach you the ‘ancient art of smashing boulders’. You will need to explore a tomb (the Temple of Heaven) that claims to be large and confusing, but I didn’t find it that hard actually. You will find Pangu’s Axe and be asked to return it to your contact. Do this (you may need to complete another task after that) but at some point they will let you keep it!

How do you use Pangu’s Axe?

Simply go to any of the large boulders or piles of rubble now and click on ‘Clear’. If your Sim is carrying the Axe in his inventory, he will hold it above his head while it starts to glow, then bring it down on the obstacle and it will instantly be cleared! Pretty cool!

Trouble With Egypt Library Under the Sands – no one answers door

I think there’s a problem with the Library Under the Sands adventure or quest in Egypt. I completed it for one sim, but then a different sim got the same quest, and no one answers the door at the house with the library in it. I can “Look in Window” and see someone in there, but not the person I’m supposed to talk to. I now have to talk to the same person to deliver a relic, and his icon is above the house, but he doesn’t answer the door. I found an article here that explains a possible work-around: GameFAQs – Library Under the Sands – Broken. It says that the owner of the house is a merchant and is constantly away from the house. It suggests going into Edit mode to add another Sim to the house who will be able to answer the door for you. I’m not sure if this will work, because I see someone in the house who isn’t answering the door. My Sim knocks on the door and an icon of the correct contact appears in the queue, as if he’s going to greet my Sim. But then the queue icon disappears, and my Sim is left standing on the porch waiting. I’ll try out the work-around to see if that helps. Otherwise you have to right-click on the quest to cancel it.

World Adventures Tombs Not Reset for Next Sim

I got the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack for Christmas! It is fun so far! I picked a single-Sim family in Riverview and took her to Egypt. I completed some adventure quests, and worked through the biggest pyramid tomb and the Sphinx. Then I decided to create a sim perfect for adventuring: including the Adventurous, Brave, Loves the Outdoors, and Friendly traits. I sent her to Egypt and realized the tombs that the first sim completed are still completed! So we’ll only have to go through them once per neighborhood, and all the other Sims will be able to go right through? There are still relics, gems, and ancient coins to collect, but all of the hidden doors are opened and traps disabled (whatever the first sim completed). I thought it would be reset for each Sim or family who visits. I guess it’s kind of nice, since it may get old doing the same steps for each sim. If one sim releases a mummy, will it still be walking around for the next sim?