Keeping Friends – Shortcuts to Calling

I just thought to myself, it would be nice if we could click on a friend’s icon and have menu options to call or invite them over. Well, in the Sims 3 we can!  Instead of going to your inventory and trying to find your friend in the phone’s list, just find the icon of the friend in your Sims’ friend panel and click to see the call menu.  Since the friends are ordered by how good a friend they are, this way you can find a relationship that needs attention. Or if you’re working on gaining new friends, see who has the highest relationship but is not a friend yet. The ‘Invite Over’ option is disabled if you aren’t home at the moment, or if the friend is at work! This is even true if you haven’t yet discovered your friend’s career!  For keeping track of your sims’ availability in The Sims 2,  I created SimAddy. But it seems you will be able to tell when your friend is available for calling now! You never would have known about this feature if you always use the phone for calling.

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Leakybagel offers many great software products to download, including SimAddy, an address book/friend manager for The Sims! With SimAddy you can manage who is friends with whom, make note of when a Sim is available to call on the phone (just specify his/her career and SimAddy will know what hours he/she is at work), and who is married or just matched up with whom. For more information, visit

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