Sims 3: Where is Riverview Neighborhood?

I saw a ‘Riverview’ neighborhood mentioned in several articles, but when I went into the New Game option of Sims 3 and looked at the neighborhoods, it only had Sunset Valley. I searched for it online and some articles said it was available when you registered for the game. But I don’t remember seeing it.  So if you never got it either, you can download it for free from The Sims 3 Store like I did. But  wait! you can’t search for Riverview in the store search feature! If you go to the Sims Help and search for Riverview there, you’ll read the information about it and find the download link.  Here’s the link to the download page (you must register your game before downloading):  Download Riverview

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5 thoughts on “Sims 3: Where is Riverview Neighborhood?”

  1. Okay, this happened to me too. I don’t think you can download the nieghboorhood without placing in you serial code, – The one on the backof the manual- and registering as a user. I tried this and forgot my password since you can only place in the serial code once. XD. Silly me. So just enter in your serial code for the Sims 3 in the registration thingy and sign up, and you cand download it in the sims launcher! Hope this helped, Maria.

  2. I’m having this problem, too. I’ve tried following the instructions and I’m getting nowhere. I’ve already registered my game, it says I’ve downloaded the neighborhood, but it doesn’t show up in the launcher.

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