Cat Lady Story – post 1

I’ve taken several screenshots of my Cat Lady family. The goal is to train the cats to hunt as much as possible, so they gain a very high hunting skill. I started with Beatrice Crumplebottom (a witch) so she can get the added benefit of the ‘animal familiar’ moodlet. I adopted several cats, (one elder, a few adults, and a few kittens). Two of the cats became great friends and had a litter of 2 kittens! How cute. Unfortunately I didn’t take screenshots of those. Maybe I’ll make stories more often and take screenshots, but usually I only take some of very unusual events.

I know we’re adopting a lot of kittens and getting to be a large family, but that doesn’t mean we can adopt stray horses! How did this wild horse get in the house?!

horse in the house

Some of the cats are friends. Beatrice lets them jump up on the counter and table. Here are two of them on the same table!

cats on the table

Well, that’s all for now. Check out my upcoming posts where there’ll be a fire! and other life-changing events!

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