I’m back!! -Who is this Waiter for Food Synthesizer?

Well, I hadn’t played the Sims in a while, and just recently started up again. I usually just try to complete the goals/achievements, but lately I’ve hit a impasse. So I started re-playing a few features. One I call “Cat Lady” – I realized I’ve taken several screenshots of that so I’ll make it into a series of posts! The next I’m playing is the firefighter profession. To get started quickly, I try to find an existing family that has the right characteristics I’m looking for. I found one with Chelsea Gateway and her Plumbot Gladys. They didn’t get along, so I moved Gladys out. Chelsea is Brave and Athletic so she should make a great firefighter. She joined the profession, and I spent quite a while fixing up the neighborhood fire station (Moonlight Falls). I removed the garage doors and cars, added the futuristic bed that only takes a few hours to get full energy, and other improvements to kitchen and bath. I added the food synthesizer that came with Into the Future. Then when she went to work, there was a waiter (waitress) there! I guess if the synthesizer is on a community lot you can order your food from the waiter?? Isn’t it easy enough to order food from the synthesizer? I guess it can backfire if you don’t have enough advanced technology skill, but it still seems pretty self-serve to me!

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