Robots or Servos Can Become Vampires!

When I visited one of my households of servos, I noticed one was smoking when she went outside. I thought she was malfunctioning or getting too hot in the sun, but it was winter. Then I saw her do a vampire move where they cower in the sun, and realized she had become a vampire. I never thought about it before, but servos can become vampires! She would stop smoking when she went in the house, even though they have windows. It only looked like her Fun need was going down, but robots only have a few needs anyway. Is the Fun need the only one affected in Robot Vampirism? I will check it out for a few more days, but then I’ll have her drink the Vamprocillin-D to get rid of the affliction. I think any advantages of Vampires over normal Sims are lost on a servo.

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