Do Adopted Children Count Towards “Marry Off 6 Children” Want?

Unfortunately, I do not think adopted children count towards the “Marry Off 6 Children” lifetime want. I get this Lifetime Want frequently, since I frequently choose the Family Aspiration. The first time I tried to complete it, my couple had 5 children and adopted one. All are married now, but the want was not fulfilled. I’m currently trying again and making sure none of the children are adopted. Has anyone else confirmed that adopted children do not count? It doesn’t seem very fair.

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4 thoughts on “Do Adopted Children Count Towards “Marry Off 6 Children” Want?”

  1. It’s strange that it didn’t work for me. I still haven’t married off the 6 I’m working on currently. Several are still in college and haven’t found Mr. Right. It takes so long for them to grow up/get through college! Can you use the Matchmaker while in college? I think my youngest is going to skip college to speed things up!

  2. I finally married off the 6 children I was working on recently, and it satisfied the parents’ lifetime aspiration. Only one of the children didn’t graduate college. All of them were biological children though.

  3. Question!

    I was working on a family (the whole marry off 6 kids thing) and my mom sim died (very sad, dad sim was loving on a flour sack-cast away moment) but alas, I created a perfect wife just for him. The only thing is he had kids (2) with the previous wife. So now the current wife doesn’t view those two as her kids. She has two of her own though.

    Is there any way I can make her “adopt” them or something?

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