Invite as Houseguest: Sim doesn’t show up

I tried out the new ‘Invite as Houseguest (3 days)’ option I kept seeing since I installed Bon Voyage. I invited a child ‘Townie’ and he didn’t show up until 10 am the next day. I did some searching, and found that this option appears for the Sims you’ve met on vacation or maybe who live in a different neighborhood. Since they live far away, theoretically it wouldn’t be possible for those Sims to come over for just a short stay, so the option ‘Invite over’ is replaced with the 3-day House guest option. The child sim did not become controllable when he came over, but stayed for the whole day, even when my Sim went to class (this was on a University lot). At the end of the day though, an adult townie came and got him with the usual ‘way past bedtime’ message.

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