FreeTime – Grilled Cheese Aspiration and benefits

There’s a new Grilled Cheese Aspiration in the latest Sims expansion pack, FreeTime. It’s pretty funny. Wants include making grilled cheese, eating grilled cheese, talking about it to another sim, serving it, and influencing another sim to make grilled cheese. Fears include eating bad grilled cheese and burning it. I first found this aspiration when choosing a Secondary Aspiration. In the new neighborhood, there’s a sim named Natasha Una with this aspiration. She had 6 aspiration points to spend, so her Grilled-cheese related benefits are: Bottomless stomach (doesn’t get overweight easily), slower bladder decay, able to paint grilled cheese on an easel, and Conjure Grilled Cheese. That one is pretty neat; she shouldn’t need to spend money on food, and can eat on the go!

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2 thoughts on “FreeTime – Grilled Cheese Aspiration and benefits”

  1. I know! I have Freetime! Its so weird! Me and my older sister played on Natasha Una,
    We thought it was weird at first. Then, we got used to it!

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