Google Lively – Trouble loading rooms

I installed Google Lively today and gave it a try: I selected a popular room and choose an avatar, then hid the avatar pane when it wouldn’t go away. But then I didn’t see any other tool bar buttons (to change wardrobe or create room) and I didn’t see myself or other people! The help center wasn’t very helpful, I tried both Firefox and IE 7. (I have Windows Vista). Javascript was enabled, but I decided to try enabling other options as well. In IE Security Tab, Custom Level, under Miscellaneous, I enabled the ‘scripting of IE Web browser control’ and ‘allow websites to open windows without address or status bars’. I think that was it. I closed the dialogs, refreshed the page, and suddenly I could see the toolbar and black shapes for people start to load up! Although it’s a little slow loading up, it may be fun.

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