Pass Along Business Rewards Fails

I just realized that the Pass Along… rewards option is only available to other members of the household, and will only work successfully if the relationship score is high enough. The business rewards are originally acquired by achieving each rank of your business. There are several categories to choose from. They include Connecions, Wholesale, and Perception rewards. I have two elder sims, Karen and Marion, who have several rewards, and I wanted them to pass their rewards on to someone before they die. Marion invited her friend Stacy to move in, and I had Karen start to Pass Along a reward to her.   At first it looked like Stacy was hesitant to learn, and then Karen did some sort of manipulation with swirly colors going towards Stacy. Since they don’t have a high enough relationship score, the pass along rewards didn’t work. It actually decreased their relationship score a little.  When Marion tries to teach Stacy some business rewards, a skill meter appears above her head and it takes a while, but still works.

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