Sims Ambitions Expansion Pack – Worth it?

Well, I finally decided to write another post for my Sims blog! No, I didn’t forget about this blog, but I have been pretty busy with some new websites and family stuff! I actually haven’t played the Sims since my last post I believe, which is really quite good for me, since I can get addicted when a new expansion pack comes out. Unfortunately my parenting responsibilities prevent me from playing these days. But I hear that the next expansion pack for the Sims 3 came out recently… shipped June 1st? I’m checking prices now to see if it’s gone down: EA Store (available as a direct download!) and Best Buy are still $40. You can get it for slightly cheaper on Walmart ($38.54) or Amazon ($36.99) but you may have to pay for shipping.

Control Your Sim At Their Job!

This expansion pack seems pretty neat. The biggest new feature or gameplay change is being able to control your Sim at his job. You don’t have to sit and wait while your Sim goes off to work during the day. There are several new ‘professions’ to choose from in which you complete missions or tasks around town to get paid. Seems kind of like the World Adventures missions or jobs. I really like that aspect of the previous expansion pack, so I think I’ll like this new one. You can choose from: firefighter, private investigator, doctor, ghost hunter, stylist (did I miss any?). There are also new hobbies such as inventing, sculpting, and tattooing, which can earn Simoleons. Guess what you can invent? A ghost-capturing device used in the ghost hunter profession, or a time machine! You can sell your creations in a new consignment shop, and as with any skill-building hobby, your Sim won’t be very good or be able to build the fancier inventions until they build up their skill. The review at CNET seems to have a good intro/summary to the new features. It says you can choose to be ‘self-employed’ by earning Simoleans from Gardening, Fishing, Nectar-making from World Adventures, as well as the new hobbies. But I’m not sure if these ‘hobbies’ can actually bring in enough Simoleons to sustain a comfortable standard of living (will you have enough time for other things, or do you need to dedicate every spare moment to your profession?).

What do you think? Have you gotten the new expansion pack yet, or decided whether it was worth it?

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