Bugs and Problems with Sims 3 Patch 1.5

This latest patch, 1.5 is causing a lot of problems for people. I had trouble getting through the installer since it was such a large patch this time, over 1 GB! I waited a day or so and was able to install it. Luckily I don’t have major problems like others have reported. I didn’t worry about any saved games because I recently had to re-install all of the Sims on a new hard drive. But I have found a few minor issues:

Missing Badges/Achievements in Game Profile Menu

Several of my badges/achievements are listed in the Game profile menu as Not completed when I know they are completed, and the website also reports them as completed. This is the most annoying because I am working towards achieving all badges, and don’t want to keep checking the website for ones I’m truly missing.

Rendering Issue Makes Sims look like Little People

A rendering issue causes some neighborhood adult sims to appear like little people – about half the size of normal sims.

FIX: According to this post on EA forums, just replace the elder’s cane with a new cane. It appears to have worked for me.

Others have reported things like:

Missing Travel Option

No Travel option from the phone or computer — the menu options in the phone have been reorganized. I found Travel under Real Estate and Travel Services… option. I haven’t tried it out to see if it still works.

Invisible Sims

I’ve seen this before before this patch, but rarely. Try resetting the Sim.

Hopefully there will be another patch coming soon to fix these!

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