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The current limited-time event in Astroneer is called the¬†EXO F.A.R.M Event, and we see SturdySquash (like SpookySquash last year). It’s been a little while since I’ve played a limited-time event, so I couldn’t remember how you exchange the biofuel for rewards. You can easily find how many points each biofuel is worth, and how many points are required for which rewards, but it doesn’t explain how to turn these points into the rewards. Does it happen automatically, so as soon as you make enough biofuel, the rewards unlock? No!

Exchange BioFuel for Rewards

First you need to print the EXO Request Platform:

EXO Request Platform lets you turn in your biofuel and earn rewards

Second, you need to activate the quest by the control panel on the platform.

Then you can place a Medium Gas Canister filled with your produced biofuel on the top of the rocket module. In the control panel again, you’ll see how much your payload will be worth in points and your current progress. You’ll have to pay bytes to send the rocket off — 500 bytes for each payload. You’ll also get some goodies for the payload, I got a proximity repeater, and a research sample. Maybe graphite and aluminum, although those might have been in my backpack already. My second payload, which got me past 2400 points, got me 2 leveling blocks, EXO chip, narrow mod, alignment mod, solid-fuel jump jet, 2 small canisters. So very random stuff.

BTW Does anyone know how to use the leveling block? It only seems to modify a very small radius and seems very unuseful. I probably will just shred them.

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