Good vs. Evil Snowman and relocating snow objects

Today I just noticed my Sim had built an evil-looking snowman. It has small horns, fire on its hat, a pitchfork instead of a broom, and a mischievous expression on its face. See the pictures below of the good snowman versus the evil snowman. Is the bad snowman created randomly or under certain conditions? Also I tried relocating one of the snowmen but couldn’t. When you start to move objects, it goes into Buy mode and the snow disappears. I got a message: “Must be placed on snow-covered ground.” Is there a way to move a snowman?

Good SnowmanEvil Snowman

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5 thoughts on “Good vs. Evil Snowman and relocating snow objects”

  1. I think the snowmen alternate. I just noticed today that when a sim made a snowman after one had already been made, the second was the “evil” one. I had a third one going, but I had a kid making it and then before I knew it, social services came by and took him away for being too cold. Pfft. My guess though would be that the third snowman would’ve been “good.” Makes sense anyway.

    And no, I don’t think you can move a snowman, since it’s the snow itself rather than terrain being adjusted. That’s just my logic anyway. Not saying there isn’t no way. I just don’t imagine there would be.

  2. If you you use the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true cheat then moveobjects on, when you into the buy mode you can move them around.

  3. You can only move snowmen when the snow is thick. When it is thin, like in the pictures, you can only move them with the moveobjects cheat.

  4. it depends on their personalities, if they’re a really grouchy sim then they’ll make an evil snowman. and they always move for me if i want to…

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