Ancient Art of Smashing Boulders – Breaking Large Rocks

I’ve seen several large boulders while exploring tombs in Egypt and France, and my sim was unable to ‘clear’ or break through them like the piles of rubble. The message claimed that an ancient Chinese artifact or tool was required to break through them. So how do you obtain this ancient Chinese artifact?

Go to China and complete Adventures!

Of course the first thing you need to do is travel to China and start completing adventures! I’m not sure if they are random or go in order, but it took me quite a while until I found the one that claims to teach you the ‘ancient art of smashing boulders’. You will need to explore a tomb (the Temple of Heaven) that claims to be large and confusing, but I didn’t find it that hard actually. You will find Pangu’s Axe and be asked to return it to your contact. Do this (you may need to complete another task after that) but at some point they will let you keep it!

How do you use Pangu’s Axe?

Simply go to any of the large boulders or piles of rubble now and click on ‘Clear’. If your Sim is carrying the Axe in his inventory, he will hold it above his head while it starts to glow, then bring it down on the obstacle and it will instantly be cleared! Pretty cool!