Creating Hotels – Can’t Click on Door to Reserve Room

I tried creating my first hotel today in Takemizu Village. I first started by creating a residential lot, then used the cheat ‘changelotzoning hotel’ to change it to a hotel. After creating the hotel, saving and re-entering it, I could not change any of the structure (doors, windows, etc) of the hotel, but I could add other items. I sent an elderly couple off to vacation there, and they could not click on either of the room doors to reserve them. So there must be a special hotel door you must use. I did remember to add the check-in desk, but it’s useless without reservable rooms. Also I didn’t add the phone booth outside, but luckily I added a regular phone on the inside, so they could call to change accommodations. If I’m not able to change the doors in build mode, how will I make my hotel usable??? I’ll have to change the lot zoning back to community first to change the doors I think. I guess you set the price of the room when you use the special hotel room doors, because I never set the price yet.