Complete Badge – Win 6 Fights in a Row

Ok, usually I don’t like playing with Evil sims or any sim who likes to pick fights. But one of the Sims Badge Achievements is “Winning Streak” – Win 6 fights in a row. So I went to a local bar and started picking a fight with some strangers. First I had to do a few actions from the Mean menu, then the Fight menu appeared and she could start a Brawl. She’s an evil Sim and has level 7 athletic, so she got a good moodlet about winning. I did this 6 or 7 times and did not get the badge achievement yet. I wonder if I’m missing anything? Does the fight have to be in a certain lot?

Update: I did it! Don’t do the ‘Brawl’ interaction at dive bars. You’ll need to get your relationship low enough with the ‘victim’ Sim by declaring them a nemesis or other interactions under the Fight menu. Then you’ll get a ‘Fight!’ interaction. The fights don’t last as long as the brawls do, which is nice! It wasn’t hard to complete the achievement badge. Now I can stop playing my evil family and do some good achievements! There are a couple other evil achievements, but I’ll work on those later!