The Sims Medieval

I’ve seen advertisements for the Sims Medieval but I never took the time to really check it out until now. I just assumed it’s not for the PC or it’s just a Stuff Pack. But it seems like it’s a stand-alone game for the PC. It takes place in the Middle Ages and allows your sims to go on quests to find adventure and romance, and build up a kingdom, whether it’s good or evil, romantic or warlike. The Sims become Epic Heros and their sons and daughters can grow up to take their place. Read more information on the EA website: which explains some of the other features: magic to help your sim complete quests, blacksmiths to forge weapons, physicians to find cures for ailments, and diplomatic actions such as treaties, trade, and war. It sounds pretty interesting, but I haven’t had much time to play the Sims lately and I don’t think I’ll be buying it anytime soon. What is particularly interesting is the Kingdom customization and building, starting from an empty field and building up castles, churches, and houses. Perhaps they’ve combined elements from Sim City and the Sims into one game, which would be really neat. Have you tried the Sims Medieval? What do you think?