Cat Lady Story – Post 2

As we continue our story, Beatrice and her cats are doing great. She’s playing with each one to become friends. It’s hard at first, if she tries to pet them too soon, they’ll reject the interaction and their relationship degrades slightly. But by talking to them and playing, they slowly become friends. I realized that to start out the cat’s training skill, they have to first practice hunting with one of the cat toys from the toy crate. But after they gain 1 skill level, they can go outside to stalk prey. Soon Beatrice can command them to go hunting. I think at level 5, she can command them to go hunting for something specific (turtle, beetle, bird, etc). I haven’t gotten much higher than level 5 or 6 so far.

Beatrice loves to use the laser pointer to play with the cats. Was it the laser pointer or the fireplace that caught Beatrice on fire??

cat playing on fire

You can also see a stray dog that’s visiting on the left, and a sleepy cat in the corner. The fire department had to be called, because the smoke alarm must have been too far away to detect the fire! It was in the same room though.

Check out next post when we’ll have a death in the family! 🙁