Sims 2 Castaway for the Wii

We got a Wii! And when I heard that Sims 2 Castaway was available for the Wii, I just had to check it out. I’ve heard of it before, but since it wasn’t available on the PC, I wasn’t able to buy it until now. I read the reviews, which said it can be monotonous and boring since you need to gather so many resources. But I found it for only $20 at Best Buy, so the decision wasn’t very hard for me as a Sims fan! I just ‘finished’ it last Monday (and bought it on the 11th)– I got off the island by building a seaworthy boat, and got off the island by sending an SOS. Both times I opted to go back to the island, where I searched for and found the hidden treasure from the treasure map. Later I went to the Sims 2 Castway website and watched some funny clips and got some cheat codes. I only had to look for help online a few times — to see where the clay and fine sand is on the Volcano island (I don’t think there is any), and to see how to fish a shark. I may make those into separate posts. Unlike the Sims 2 on PC, building a house is a pain! The camera angles and options to hide walls and roof did not help much in object placement and navigating through the house. That’s the only reason to keep playing now, to improve the house and create better furniture and clothing. I’m not that interested in that though; I’d rather start over from the beginning with new Sims.  Overall, pretty good fun for only $20.