Alchemy Challenge – Return any 2 of each Gem or Metal

Is it just me, or is this challenge worded strangely!! My Sim has skill level 10 in alchemy, and just got a challenge to Return any 2 of each gem or metal to the vault of antiquity. My first thought is I had to have 2 of every type of Gem, OR 2 of every type of Metal. But a forum said it just means 2 different (any) gems AND 2 different (any) metals. Well, this is correct. My sim has 2 different gems and 2 different metals and he’s able to deliver them now. Whew! Avoided a very hard quest. But I’m working on an Achievement to cut one of every type of Gem on the Gem Cutter machine, with another sim in the household. So, I’m in the process of collecting all the gems anyway. I have the collection helper Lifetime reward to help, but I hate the fact that it doesn’t allow you to select JUST gems. You have to select Rock and Gems, and waste time picking up things that you don’t want, especially Space Rocks!! But it just so happens that the Any 2 of Each Gem or Metal challenge game my Sim the power to see the locations of each gem or metal in map view, with a little icon and tooltip on each one to display EXACTLY what it is, i.e. Moonstone, blue topaz, Gold, silver, etc! So… I will not be turning in his two gems and metals until I take him exploring and find some rare Gems that I’m missing 🙂

EDIT: Wow, you don’t even need 2 DIFFERENT gems and 2 different metals. Just 2 of the same gem and 2 of the same metal will work!

UPDATE: The challenge of 2 gems and metals is not ‘activated’ when you travel abroad, so you aren’t able to see each metal and gem’s location. Major bummer!! I think there are some adventures that give you this ability, but I don’t want to spend the time to do adventures just to try to find it!