Sims 3 Canine Relationships and Woohooium

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post. I will try to post a little more often since there’s SO much stuff in the Sims 3! I currently have all the expansion packs: Ambitions, World Adventures, Generations, Pets, and Late Night. I’m not excited about Showtime because it seems redundant since we already have Celebrity status, dance clubs and lounges, and forming your own bands.

Anyway, my latest game-play goal is to explore the relationships and skills of dogs. I created a man named Caesar Milan and 4 dogs. 3 of the 4 have the hunting skill, so I’ve been building that up and see what they can find after ‘Sniff out Collectable’. At first they get snake skins, leaves, bags of chips, and rocks, but one just found a metal called Woohooium! This is the first time I’ve seen that, so I had to look it up. After you get it smelted and put it in the bedroom, it will glow little red hearts when your Sim woohoos (carls sims 3 guide). Perhaps it will allow Sims who are not even in a relationship to woohoo! we’ll see. I wonder if it will do anything for canine woohoo?? I haven’t explored that yet, but I have bred a horse at one of the Equine centers and she gave birth to a foal.

And… of course the game crashed and I didn’t save it! Lately it’s been crashing and freezing a lot!! But that will be for another post. I’ll have to restart and see if the dog can find the Woohooium again.

Rocky, my dog, found Woohooium again so I got it smelted and put it in the bedroom. Caesar became acquainted with woman in the park and the next day invited her over. They went into the bedroom and suddenly the romantic options became available. I don’t think they were even friends at that point yet. Things progressed quickly and he was able to invite her to cuddle on the bed and make out. I didn’t see the option to WooHoo yet though! Woohooium seems like a pretty handy metal to have on hand if you’re looking to hook up quickly 🙂