Beds, Sleeping, Ghosts, and Girlfriends

I found a few small annoyances today dealing with beds and sleeping.

How do you get a guest to go to bed or sleep?

There is an option to invite a friend to stay over. I assume this means stay the night. Mortimer Goth asked Bella to stay over, and at first there wasn’t a spare bed. So I bought another single bed and a double bed, since I wasn’t sure if she needed her own or had to share with Mortimer. Even though she was complaining that she was tired, she wouldn’t go to bed!  Mortimer could invite her to cuddle, but not to sleep.

How do you get a ghost off a bed?

Sometimes you can talk to ghosts, but when they’re asleep on your bed, there are no interactions! You can’t even go to buy mode and move the bed around. There was only one ghost on a double bed, and Mortimer couldn’t seem to use the bed at all!