SimCity -Cities Of Tomorrow!

I just bought the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack. I was hesitant to pay full price for it, thinking I wouldn’t find the new features very exciting. But since I love the SimCity base game, I bought it when EA offered it forĀ a discounted price of $7.99 or so. I’m happily enjoying it now, and I think it provides many more hours of fun game play. It can be a challenge to produce the Omega resource for everyone, and buy enough processors to create the drones, and have enough skilled workers to generate the Academy research in order to unlock the new technology like the ground pollution scrubber! So there’s plenty of new features to explore. Here’s a screenshot of my first Mag-Lev that travels right on top of the road to ease traffic, and doesn’t take up any more room than the road does. That sounds awesome because several of my cities have some major traffic problems! MagLev-SimCity