How to get the Omni Plant

I enjoy growing gardens and improving the gardening skill in the Sims 3. As your sim gains the gardening skill, they are able to plant and grow more and more things. There are also many special types of plants that can be found as seeds or earned. For example, you can find seeds for a Life Plant, Death Flower Bush, Money Tree, and Flame Fruit Bush. By completing opportunities, you can gain knowledge of several other types of plants: Eggplant, Cheese Plant, Steak Plant, and Burger Patty Plant. I’ve gotten all of these before. But now I’m currently on a challenge/opportunity to grow 10 Outstanding steaks, and in return I’ll gain access to the Omni Plant (at least that’s what it sounds like)! I’ve heard of it, but never seen the Omni plant or know what it grows. On a Gamespot forum, they claim it replicates anything you feed it from your inventory. You can ‘Feed’ it items when it’s mature. On the Sims Wiki, you can find the gardening skill necessary for each type of plant, prices, and more.

Update: My omni plants have replicated roasts, snails, and pomelos. I think you get about 4 for each, which means your 1 item you feed an omni plant is quadrupled. I was also able to replicate Life Plant and Flame Bush, but the death flower did not appear in the list when you select an item.

Omni Plants ready for harvest