Moving in Greek House Lowers Performance Meter

I had one of my students move in to a Greek house (in La Fiesta Tech) she was a member of. Her performance meter was lowered as if she had to build up 2 more skills, but the skill level that was highlighted had already been filled. There is no way to expand the Invalid Performance Meterperformance meter, so I have a feeling she’s going to be on academic probation at the end of the quarter! When I moved her back in a dorm or a non-greek house, the meter was back to fully expanded. I tried moving her to the greek house two different ways: using the phone, and having one of the existing members invite her to move in. Both resulted in the erroneous performance meter as seen to the right. She originally was a math major, and I switched to Drama since it needed 3 body skill points while she only had 2. But after she gained a body skill point, the meter didn’t move.

Her dad is part alien, and I used a cheat to get her mom to have green skin. So maybe that is causing the problem. If she goes on probation, I guess I’ll try moving the whole family to a different lot to see if that helps. I guess I can try inviting her sister to join the Greek house to see if it happens to her too.