Adopt 6 Strays – Stray Animal is Going Home??

I would love to be able to adopt stray animals in the Sims, but it seems impossibly hard to do. First of all, even with the ‘Strays are Welcome’ gnomes, there aren’t that many visits from stray animals. When one comes, a Sim may get to do a few interactions with it, but the cat or dog suddenly leaves the lot, and the tool-tip over the disabled social interactions say the animal is “Going Home”. If it’s a stray, how can it have a home?!?! This is so frustrating! Now my Sim is an animal lover and has the Adopt 6 Strays Lifetime Wish. She has become acquainted with a few wild horses in the neighborhood, but she’s having a hard time building up the relationship high enough to even pet them! I think finally she’s able to let them sniff her hand without them running away. She met a unicorn once and was able to build up the relationship much faster than normal horses! I’ve been able to find the wild horses in the neighborhood a few times, so I don’t have to wait for them to visit the lot thankfully. But I wonder if adopting the wild horses would count towards “Adopt 6 Strays”, since they are called wild instead of strays? I don’t think I’ll be spending much more time on this Lifetime Wish.

Friendly Unicorn
Unicorns can be more friendly than wild horses.