SimPort Touring Process

Looks like my level 10 magician, David Copperfield, successfully went on tour to a friend’s game. One of my Sim friends sent out a request to host a level 10 magician at a Coffeehouse. I decided to give it a try since David meets the criteria. So first I clicked on the ‘View Simport’ button in the friend’s request announcement at the top corner of the screen. The SimPort window appeared. I clicked on ‘Accept’ within the request message, and a dialog appeared to let me choose which Sim should go. I think only David was available, so I clicked on ‘Next’. Then it had a few confirmation dialogs to make sure I really wanted him to go, and whether to save my game. I clicked yes. So for about a minute and a half the game went into the loading status with the message ‘Booking Tour’. I could still hear sound effects in the background, like the game play was still moving forward with the other family member. But there was nothing I could do to interact with her. Then for another 2 minutes or so, the game was in the ‘Saving’ state with the loading icon. Finally the game play resumed and I think the other family member DID continue to go about her business without me! Her energy was dangerously low. David ran out to his limo and drove out of town, with the status of ‘Going on Tour’ or something similar. When he was out of the town, his Sim icon went dim and the tooltip says he’ll return around Tues. at 12:30 AM. He left around Monday at 2:00 pm. It looks like you still can go to Edit Town or Save your Game when your Sim is on tour.

Already there’s a new message that the Tour Stop is complete, and both me and the requesting friend have Simoleans, SimPort Stamps, Lifetime Happiness rewards.