How to get the Wishing Well for Your Garden – Requirements

What are the requirements for receiving the wishing well? How big does your garden have to be, and what needs to be in it? I had my vegetable garden reviewed by the Garden Club today, and did well enough to receive the Wishing Well! The first few times I was reviewed, they liked the conditions of my plants but said to make the garden bigger. I didn’t know how big the garden had to be before I would get the Wishing Well. See the picture below to get an idea of how big my garden was. I also had 2 fruit trees, and the front of the house was lined with flowers and bushes, with an edging in front. I had several decorations, but only 2 were in the greenhouse with the garden. I tried the Wish for Friends option, and 3 Sims appeared. As soon as my Sim talked to them, they became best friends! My Sim had platinum status at the time of wishing. Does less than gold aspiration status make a difference?

My Winning Vegetable Garden

Information about the Wishing Well:
Options: Drink; Wish for… Friends, Romance, or Money
Can NOT be set for sale in a business
CAN be given as a gift to someone else

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