Tips for Getting into Private School

Getting into private school for children and teens in The Sims 2 is quite easy, given a little time and effort. First, start increasing the cooking skill for one family member, the higher the better — at least to level 6 or so. Second, the headmaster won’t even come unless the kids are getting good grades and your family has a good amount of money. Third, make sure at least 4 rooms have a high environment score. Invite the headmaster in the morning when you’re ready, and he’ll arrive around 5. Greet him when he arrives and give him the tour of the nice rooms. Have the good cook serve a big meal such as pork chops, salmon, or even lobster, if you’re confident of your skill. Remember to click on the headmaster and call him for dinner. If you got a good enough score on the tour and had a good meal, these two things alone will get your score high enough. I usually do these things as quickly as possible to avoid a bug where the headmaster gets stuck on the lot.

Tip: Wait until all children are of school age, so you’ll only have to invite the headmaster once. Any toddlers that become children after the others are already in private school will not automatically be enrolled.

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7 thoughts on “Tips for Getting into Private School”

  1. More tips: Check the food level of your fridge before the headmaster comes. Ordering groceries will take valuable time, but as long as you order soon enough, you’ll still have time to complete the dinner. If you’re pressed for time, you may not want to have anyone eat dinner with the headmaster, since they talk up a storm and don’t eat very quickly. I just found out that the child’s grade can be a C and still get in.

  2. Of course, what I like to do is just prepare the meal well in advance so not to be pressed for time, but still have a great meal. In Seasons, you can put leftovers in the refrigerator for later consumption, so just have your cook create the meal in the morning/early afternoon, and once they’re finished and about to serve it, cancel the action, and then click on the serving platter and select “Put away leftovers.” Then, when the headmaster arrives and it’s time for dinner, just take it out and serve.

  3. You can also get +10 points if the headmaster has a drink (using the “make drinks” option on any of the bars), as well as +10 points if you serve the headmaster coffee (espresso works too).

  4. well… i invite the headmaster over… i even dress into ‘formal’ clothing but when he turns up it outomatically says ‘headmaster doesnt think a child from family like thiss should have such schooling’ (not in them words, i cant remeber exactly what it says) and i dont know why it does this!?!?! can anyone help me?

  5. If you have any toddlers that age up to children during the visit (before the final score is tallied), if their older siblings are accepted, they will be too, since upon aging their grade starts at C. I’ve done this countless times. I seldom throw them birthday parties, just do the Grow Up self-interaction. I also time it so they age up after the tour and before dinner. Even the Headmaster will watch!

  6. @Dan:

    The Headmaster grades your Sims’ cooking skill, environmental score, and schmoozing–just talking to him will get you schmooze points (I never choose Schmooze).

    Have at least a cooking skill of 5. Have your Sim stand in each room and check out the Environment score. The greener the better–I’ve gotten as much as 15 points per room. When you to into Buy Mode to purchase things, it’ll let you know if it impacts the Environment score.

    I’ve had Sims with cheap stuff get their kids into private school.

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