Trouble getting Golden Anniversary

My favorite aspiration is Family, so I have gotten several Lifetime wants of Golden Anniversary. But I have never achieved one!!! I’ve read about how to achieve it and I thought I had all the requirements, but after the anniversary party, the Sims never recognize a golden anniversary or get platinum status. I have read where you should just keep trying. I have tried several times with some families to no avail. But I will try on all of my families, even if they don’t have it as a Lifetime want, to see if I can reach it. Maybe one of the sims has had an affair I don’t know about!!

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36 thoughts on “Trouble getting Golden Anniversary”

  1. I finally achieved the Golden Anniversary, and I believe it was with Sims who had that as a Lifetime Want, so they got the Platinum mood. I’m not sure why it didn’t work before.

  2. how do you actually get the anniversery party…do the sims have to be a certain age, do the have to be married for a certain amount of time??? I need answers…HELP ME!!!

  3. I have trubles with that as well!
    I thought it couldent be that hard, but obiously is.
    aww, that means my old man in the house must die.
    without his spuose getting the Golden Anniversary goal.

    His been dying on me a cupple of times, but I’ve just kept up trying. lol

  4. Alex, to get the anniversary party your Sim couple must be married as adults and both become elders. Then the option should appear in the Throw Party menu. To get the Golden Anniversary, they both must have been faithful to each other (no affairs or other love interests on the side). They should also have a high daily and lifetime relationship for most of the marriage.

  5. Admin, i hear what your saying about not having affairs but mine have and have the golden anniversay want. does that mean there is no chance of having a golden anniversary? does it also count if someone has left a family because onof mine left a husband and child to be with the sim i was playing with because is was a ready made sim and i didn’t no she was married already.

  6. Hi Maya, you probably won’t be able to get the Golden Anniversary if they fell in love with another Sim, but there might be a cheat or hack out there that will erase their memory and that might help. I made a free software program called SimAddy that helps you keep track of who is married (or in love) with who. It has many other features to help you play the Sims. Check it out at

  7. Awwww… you mean if they have cheated they can’t reach golden anniversary??? Both my married sims have that lifetime want… sucks that I can’t get it. Is there a way to change their
    lifetime wants?

  8. One way to change the lifetime want is to use the “ReNuYuSenso Orb” reward object to change their aspiration, which will then re-assign another Lifetime Want. I think I’ve only used it once, but I would assume it assigns a random Want from the new aspiration. You might be able to keep using it until you get the one you want.

  9. my sim has the lifetime want of golden anniversary. she was married to someone then they broke up. after a while she fell in love and got married to someone else. will she be able to reach golden anniversary still?

    also my wife sim is about to become and elder but i don’t want her to. i dont think i have enough asparation points to get the elixar of life. when she becomes an elder and she does have enough points for it could she drink and becom and adult again?

    please help!!!

  10. Sim Lover, I don’t think the sim will be able to reach golden anniversary if they’ve divorced and remarried, but I’ve never tried it. I’ve never had a Sim get divorced or caught cheating once they’re married. Your elder who drinks the elixir of life will just keep getting days added to their life (gets younger in days), but I don’t think they’ll become an adult again. Let me know what you find out.

  11. yeh, am playing on the sims 2 life stories and my the sim who got married to my story sim vincent has a life time want of reaching her golden anniversary, he’s never cheated the only bad thing that has happened between them is they stopped being best friends. i’ve had them vcelebrate an anniversary but i hasnt registered on her life time want…does anyone know why?? thanks

  12. Wait, like married not when you made them you married them? do they have to be married in actual game play is what im asking, cause my sims have never cheated never loved anyone else or anything and they are 67…and all i get is throw anniversary party not golden anniversary

  13. Hi Lisa, throw an anniversary party, and if it goes well, your Sims will remember it as a Golden Anniversary. It shouldn’t matter if they were married during gameplay, as long as they were married as adults and became elders while married.

  14. hey sim lover, i have tried, and in answer to your question, no, you cannot change them back from elders with the elixar of life… sorry.

  15. Hey,
    Im having problems fulfilling the anniversary want and i have a question.
    Before Joel my sim was married to cooper but one day she found himcheating on her so they broke up. will this effect me being able to fulfill her want???!!?!

  16. Hi Fay, If you get divorced and re-marry while the new bride and groom are still adults, then stay together until they both become elders, I think it would still work. But I haven’t done it before. My sims have never gotten a ‘divorce’ so I’m not sure how that even works.

  17. in response to Sarah and Sim Lovers comments, whilst the elixir of life does NOT turn you younger (which is ULTRA stupid, as it doesn’t make a difference on sim life if their 67 or 53, as long as their in the same age group) there is a cheat that CAN (and its darn useful, too!)
    hold down control+shift+c on the keyboard and in the box that appears at the top of the screen type in

    AgeSimsCheat on

    then click on your sim (or ANY sim) to age them younger or older.
    ive never achieved golden anniverary tho, its a kind of sucky lifetime want lol.

  18. hey…i am trying to have my sim achive its golden anniversary, i threw a party but it did not fufill the want! is there anything that i should have done at the party or should i just try again?


  19. Hi GS — Read some of the earlier comments; your elder couple needs to have been faithful to each other throughout the marriage and have a good relationship score. Throw the Anniversary Party and it should be remembered as a Golden Anniversary. If not, keep trying.

  20. One of the ‘fixes’ in the FreeTime patch is: “Life Time Want “Reached Golden Anniversary” is now achievable.” So maybe it’s easier to achieve now.

  21. hey I have a question
    my romance male sim had several loves while he was engaged but after he got married he has not done anything romantic with any of his loves. He has actually onlyseen and talked to one of them since marriage. The wife has family aspiration and golden anniversary ltw
    Will my couple be able to achieve this ltw?

  22. My sims are both 75 days old and they’ve been married since their 6th day of adulthood. I’ve thrown an anniversary 12 times, but the guy who wants it never recognizes it as a golden anniversary! Please help! 🙂

  23. Gosh,, i’m sooo confuzzled,,
    My sim ‘went steady’ with my other sim then they married when they were old enough,,
    only thing is she has cheated BUT he never caught her,,
    They both have the ‘reach golden anniversary’ want,,
    what do i do,, will they fufil their want even though she has cheated.
    :'( i hope so . . .
    HELP!!!!! :S:S:S:S

  24. Sim Lover,
    You say that you dont want your Sim to grow old… type in this cheat [AgeSimsCheat on] type it without the [ ] it was to show u that on was part of the cheat. this really works. i use it all the time.. it allows you to set the age of the people in the household so that they wont ever die. You can change a toddler into an adult even, but you have to raise the baby by your self… if u want u can make it so that a teen grows into a adult and marries then becomes a married teen… I LOVE THIS CHEAT!

  25. Use the “Boolprop testingCheatsenabled true” cheat…and you can do almost anything!,

    i’m not sure how to get the 25th anniversary though, but you can change the lifetime want by using the cheat i mensioned above,
    Press shift and click on a sim, then go to “spawn”, then go onto “sim modder”, and then “wants and fears” after that go on “lifetime” and you have 3 options from there.. i chose a random 1 and now my sim doesnt have the lifetime want of the 25th anniversary.. it has celebrity chef! which is sooo much easier! so there ya go… hope its useful 😀

  26. hey guys this is something you could do write to the sim makers and ask them like i did i’m still wait for an answer

  27. I had a man sim from one family and a woman sim from another. they got married and DISSAPEARED. What the heck happened?

  28. i thought that two sims were engaged so i made them go on a date but she was actually married to a different guy. how do make them forget?

  29. i threw my sims a party, and got the title of roof raiser, yet the guy, who had golden anniversary as his lifetime want, didn’t get that. instead he got family reunion. what the heck?

  30. I always have Gabe and Alexandra O’Mackey (Riverblossom Hills) remarry and I can still have them throw an anniversary party when they’re elders.

    The Sim with the actual LTW should be the one to throw the party. The minute they get on the phone and call, they go permaplat.

  31. My sim has the lifetime want of reaching her golden anniversary, will I be able to achieve it if I made the man and woman on create a sim so that they were already married?

  32. My sim couple is now aged to elder and has never cheated on one another that i can remember. also in the sim memories there is no cheating. i have had 5 anniversary parties and still have not reached the golden anniversary. would it mater that i made them already married when i made the sims? what else is there to do?

  33. I keep throwing a anniversery party. It seems not to fulfill. I have her mood high and he needs high. Her husband already fulfilled his dream but she can’t. I’m having a lot of trouble. This happened with all of my sims. Am I required to do something else? Any cakes, champain? I don’t want them to die off. I know the maxmitives cheat and aspirationlevel 6 one. I use that to get her maxed. Is that right to do it or I have to max her manually? Well, over all, can you give me step by step on the golden anniversery fulfillment? Thank you. Love Jassy Jazz.

  34. One of my sims got the “Golden Anniversary” lifetime wish and I don’t think it is possible for me to get it. I have the Sims Pet Stories, and on it there are no elders. It goes baby, toddler, teenager,adult and then they die. So, do you have to be an elder to get it, or is there an exeption for the sims pet stories. Thanx

  35. Oh, interesting. I’m not familiar with the Sims Pet Stories, but I would have to assume that your Sims must be elders to get the Golden Anniversary. That might be an oversight on EA’s part if there are no Elders. Are you sure it’s not a setting to enable Elders?

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