Little Baker Oven – Can’t delete object

Has anyone else become frustrated by not being able to delete the kids’ oven once the kids have grown up? This is the Rip Co. Little Baker Oven that gives children fun and increases their cooking skill. If they were in the process of baking something, you can see a small pan of food on top of the stove. You will not be able to delete the object when this pan is visible. “Can’t delete object with something on it or in it”. But if the kids are all grown up, there’s no one who can finish baking so you can delete the object! The only way I know of is to use the “move_objects on” cheat to delete it. I immediately use the “move_objects off” to restore the normal gameplay, so nothing gets messed up in the game. To enter a cheat, press Ctrl-Shift-C at the same time, type in the cheat, and press enter. Or press Esc to get rid of the cheat window.

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5 thoughts on “Little Baker Oven – Can’t delete object”

  1. Awesome. My grown up sim died in a fire while cooking dinner, and I haven’t been able to finish cooking the meal and I couldn’t delete the oven for the same reason. Your blog was the first spot I found the solution, thanks a bunch, rock out.

  2. To get rid of things that you can’t usually get rid of I tend to turn on “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” and then shift+click on the object and select “Force Error” then press delete, and it goes away.

  3. thats cool but how do u bake a PERFECT cake in the little bakersa oven. my kids always burn them??

  4. just like any meals… gotta have a high cooking skill 🙂 I think kids can read the cooking book in Sims 2? but not Sims 3. They just need to practice with the kid’s oven.

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