How to rotate floor tiles and objects

I always forget the keys used for rotating floor tiles and other objects. For some objects, such as flowerbeds, you can click and hold down the mouse button, and then move your mouse around in a circle to rotate the object. Once you release the mouse the object will be placed. But for floor tiles this doesn’t work because clicking once will place the object. For any object you want to rotate before placing, use the angle brackets (< and >) to rotate the object and view before clicking to place the object. The < key is the same as the comma key, and the > key is the same as the period key. This keyboard shortcut may require a certain expansion pack, does anyone know? Does anyone have other good keyboard shortcuts?

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7 thoughts on “How to rotate floor tiles and objects”

  1. I just recently discovered that you can rotate floor tiles hehe, and I’m assuming it’s always been the case using .

    Of course, one of my favorite uses of those keys is to be able to place objects at 45° angles, rather than just 90°. You can either enter “boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true” into the cheat box (Ctrl + Shift + C) every time you want to use it, or you can go into the The Sims 2 folder in My Documents, and in the Config folder, add that same line to the userStartup.cheat file (as well as any other “cheat” you want to always be active), and will always rotate objects in 45° intervals, which is really nice for placing objects in corners! 🙂

  2. it is intresting to hear that we can rotate the floor tiles but in the market there are many tiles that has many qualities like this.

  3. I want to say thanks for this! I couldn’t figure out how to move the tiles! 😀 I appreciate this very much!


    THANKS SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOOO MUCH!! im making a amsument park, and the roller coaster track has to be rotated if you want it to turn, nad i was SO close, and i didnt know how to do that, AND NOW I DO!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!

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