Guests will not stop playing instruments

I get tired and frustrated with my guests immediately going to the piano, guitar, or drums as soon as they arrive (unless I start talking to them or distract them with something else first). Even when these items are on the 2nd story or far away from the front door. They don’t seem to ever stop until their needs are very low, even if it’s past time to go home (around 2am for adults). I have thought about removing these items, but why prevent the homeowners from enjoying them? The first option to get them to stop is to initiate an interaction (talking, playing, etc) with them or the “shoo” option if you want them out of the room. My trick is to use the “Call Over” option every now and then to stop them from playing. That way your sim won’t have to walk all the way over there if it’s far away, and you can make your guest come to you while you can continue what you were doing. I know playing instruments can be fun, and increases creativity, but once your fun bar is full it’s probably time to work on another need bar. If your playable sim is on an instrument when it’s time to go to work or school, do they stop automatically?

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One thought on “Guests will not stop playing instruments”

  1. hey, its elise saying that you have to make ur sims get up by clicking the picture in the in the upper right corner and they might stop. depending on how far and intrested they are in the interaction of the object.

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