Limo doesn’t show up after Wedding party

I’ve had a few wedding parties recently where the limousine does not show up afterwards. I’m starting to wonder what the requirements are. I thought just getting married using the wedding arch would allow the limo to come when the party ends, but that hasn’t happened. Maybe it has to be a great party first, but I thought one of my parties was pretty good. Maybe since I have Bon Voyage, no limo comes unless I book a honeymoon in advance. That is what the answer at says. Some people have had problems with endless wedding parties before their scheduled honeymoon, so I don’t think I’ll try that right now (see  Let me know your experiences.

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6 thoughts on “Limo doesn’t show up after Wedding party”

  1. I just got my sims married (and I’ve had alot of sims with good wedding parties) and the two sims that get married this time (they had a good party,cake,and,champaine with ona guest) I can’t figure out what it was for, but for the first time ever in my whole gaming expirience, a limo drove up and my sims just hopped in and then about five minutes later they came back in the limo, jumped out and went back to their normal life as a new couple, what is the limo for and what does it mean?

  2. The limo takes the couple to a quick ‘honeymoon’ and they come back feeling refreshed. It’s just a bonus for having a great wedding party. But I guess it was removed in Bon Voyage.

  3. If your Sim is pregnant when they get married, the limo will show up, but the Newlyweds will not get in, prefering to “Stay at home” due to the pregnant Sims delicate condition.

  4. I had a limo show up after the wedding but only 1 Sim got in, the other couldn’t and then the sim who got in could never get out. Now that sim is stuck standing in the limo perminantly.

  5. I agree that with Bon Voyage the limo stop showing up unless you’ve booked a honeymoon…before I got that EP, I’d have the limo.

    Just as well. I got sick of throwing wedding parties when one or both Sims didn’t get in the limo because they suddenly remembered there’s a counter to clean, trash to take out…I said, forget it, just do Propose Marriage and be done with it!

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