Trouble becoming a werewolf – can Elders become werewolves?

There are many articles to explain how to become a werewolf. See this eHow article
for a quick guide. One tip I didn’t think about was putting a bunch of trees and bushes on the lot to attract the wolf with green/yellow eyes. I’m trying with David, an elder sim, and he has a 99/99 relationship score and still was not ‘nibbled’. So I was wondering if elder sims are too old to become a werewolf. Then I just saw on this ArticleGuide article that the victim sim’s stats (social, comfort, fun, hygiene, and bladder) should be kept low for maximum results. I always keep my Sims’ stats pretty high, so it may be difficult keeping his stats low at the right timing when the wolf comes. I’ll give it a try; I haven’t heard that elders are not able to turn to werewolves. Have you? Hey, robots can turn into vampires, so I’d say it’s possible!

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3 thoughts on “Trouble becoming a werewolf – can Elders become werewolves?”

  1. Just transformed my first werewolf! Since it wasn’t working with my elder, David, I tried with Alon, an adult, and it was pretty easy. The relationship score was only around 94/52 and his hunger, bladder, and energy were a little less than half. It was summer time, I’m wondering if wolves come out more in the warmer months than the colder ones. Now I’ll try having Alon nibble David to see if he’ll become one.

  2. Is it possible for childrewn to become werewolves? I’ll try lowering my sims stats, but I’m just wondering.

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