Trouble becoming a werewolf – can Elders become werewolves?

There are many articles to explain how to become a werewolf. See this eHow article
for a quick guide. One tip I didn’t think about was putting a bunch of trees and bushes on the lot to attract the wolf with green/yellow eyes. I’m trying with David, an elder sim, and he has a 99/99 relationship score and still was not ‘nibbled’. So I was wondering if elder sims are too old to become a werewolf. Then I just saw on this ArticleGuide article that the victim sim’s stats (social, comfort, fun, hygiene, and bladder) should be kept low for maximum results. I always keep my Sims’ stats pretty high, so it may be difficult keeping his stats low at the right timing when the wolf comes. I’ll give it a try; I haven’t heard that elders are not able to turn to werewolves. Have you? Hey, robots can turn into vampires, so I’d say it’s possible!