Showtime SimPort Details – Unable to Save or Use Edit Town

I’ve been playing Sims 3 Showtime recently, trying to earn the many badges that are related to Showtime features. Two badges are related to the new SimPort feature, a new social feature that allows your Sim to visit your friends’ games (go on Tour), and your friends’ Sims to visit your game to perform on stage. First you’ll need to invite/request friends using the friend search in the game. Then you can send requests out to your friends to Host their Sim, or Send your Sim on Tour. One of your friends will need to accept within 1 (human) day. Then I’m not quite sure what the next step is, I think you’ll need to accept one more time. I sent a Host request, got a message that someone accepted, then I had to click Accept again. Then the game gave me a message that I won’t be able to Save the game or go to Edit Mode while the town is Hosting a Sim! I thought that would be OK because it shouldn’t take too long for this Show to happen and be over with! But nothing happened after that, and after several hours I wanted to save my game, and told it to cancel the SimPort. But it didn’t seem to cancel, and Edit Town was still disabled. I finally did Save and Quit, so I’ll see what happens when I go back to the game today.

Once you accept the SimPort, I think you should be able to go to Map View to see what venue and time the Show will take place. Hopefully that will let you know when it will be over!

For more information on the SimPort feature, I found a good video here:
Another resource is an article here:

Requirements: In order for Sims to be eligible to go on tour, they will need to have a household of at least two members and be a level two performer. Only one Sim can be on tour at a time. Once your Sim goes on tour, they could be away for up to 12 Sim hours

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