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The Sims is an excellent example of open-ended gameplay. There are tons of different aspects of the game that you can explore and play, and of course EA keeps adding more until it’s to the point where there’s not enough Sim hours in the day to do everything. Especially when you have to worry about your Sims’ basic needs as well! So lately I’ve been focusing my efforts on the Badges that EA added. They’ll keep adding more with new expansion packs, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get them all, but it’s fun to see your achievements and show them off on your Player Wall. It says you can even buy more badges at the Store! But I don’t think I’d buy something like that, unless it was free!

Here’s a great list of badges including those included with ShowTime.

Serve Perfect Lobster Thermidor 20 Times

I tried working towards earning one badge where a 5-star chef serves perfect Lobster Thermidor 20 times. I had a gardener Sim in the same household who grew perfect ingredients. At first I had the chef just make single servings of the dish 20 times, and that didn’t seem to work, then I started using the Serve option. When each dish was done, I hovered over it and verified it was Perfect quality. I thought it might be this fancy fridge that I got somehow that wasn’t in the Buy Menu, so I switched to one of the best fridges in the menu, but it never unlocked the badge for me. However, I was able to get the other badge where the Sim makes a bunch of other dishes at perfect quality.

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