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I noticed there was an update to the Sims 3 today, great!! I’ve been noticing a few bugs here and there with Showtime, and I hope they get fixed. Also my game has been running very slow lately, either I have too many objects or Sims in my saved game, or my laptop is getting old! I’ve tried setting the graphic settings down, since it seems to be a rendering issue. But it doesn’t seem to speed it up very much, plus then I don’t get the nice detail and texture on Sims and objects! Anyway, now I am noticing that sometimes clicking on my Sim doesn’t bring up the pie menu. I click and wait a several seconds, and nothing happens. I think it is only a problem on community lots; works OK at his house. There should always be some options when clicking on a Sim, like making a cell phone call. He’s a magician Sim, so clicking on him is how I get him to perform for tips. I wonder if it has something to do with the community lot not being completely rendered when I try to pull up the menu. Anyone else having this problem?

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One thought on “Sim Click Pie Menu Not Appearing”

  1. Yeah, I’m having the same problem. My issue is that it’s occurring for every Sim in the household while at their house. It’s not just on community lots, and it’s really irritating because I can’t get them to interact with each other any other way. Like you, I need those pie menus to pop up when I click on my Sims. If you solved your issue, maybe whatever you did can help me, too. Thanks in advance!

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