Houseboat with Jetski or SpeedBoat

I couldn’t figure out how to add a Jetski or Speedboat to the Houseboat that my Sim family owns. It says you need a mooring post or cleat, or boat trailer. But I think the mooring post and cleat need to be placed on some open ocean water. So I just bought a house lot and tried out the stilted foundation to build a house out over the water, and added a mooring post and cleat there. ┬áHere’s my new house on the mainland, in case they want a break from their houseboat.

House over water with boats
House over water with boats


Now that I think about it, you should be able to place a boat trailer on the roof or any large area of your houseboat, and place the speedboat there. So I tried it out and it works great!

Boat on houseboat


Then when he went boating, he actually went on to land, turned around, and the boat transported next to him so he could hop on.



The speedboat is so much faster than the Houseboat that he’ll be using it to go scuba diving and snorkeling!

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