Building your First Island Paradise Resort

The first uncharted island I discovered is quite nice, Beryl Shoals. I decided to try building my first resort there. First, I went to live mode, clicked on the icon in map view, and converted to a resort. To build the resort, I used the stilted foundation plus the regular foundation to build a good sized building around the little pond. Created several rooms with just a bed, and a common bathroom. I took quite a bit of time creating an upper level deck with a hot tub overlooking the pond. (I had to use the terrain tools to get the level of the deck just right so steps would join it to the main building). I spent quite a bit of time just getting the basic walls, wallpaper, flooring, etc. Then when I went to Live mode it said it was closed because it didn’t have a Resort Tower!

Remember to Include a Resort Tower!

So I had to level out some of the mountain on the island and pick one of the basic resort towers (you can view the resort-specific items in buy mode- >sort by function). I read that the resort tower is where multiple guests can stay in a rabbit-hole style, where you don’t get to see what’s going on inside. You can click on it to set certain options like enable room service. One of the first complaints I got was that there was no room service!

Here’s a screenshot of my initial working resort!


My First Resort
My First Resort


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